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About The Fresh Cooky

Hi, I’m Kathleen and I am thrilled you stopped by.

I love fresh food, especially fresh cookies and it’s my hope to encourage others to try something new, experiment, MAKE IT YOURS!

In our fast food, high tech, breakneck speed world; I hope to encourage you to slow down, make a simple home cooked meal, bake fresh goodies, show some short cuts and provide a few tips and tricks to remove some of the fears that come with cooking, baking and entertaining.

Why is it The Fresh Cooky?

I LOVE a fresh COOKIE, specifically a fresh, chewy chocolate chip cookie. I’m a cookie snob, I admit it; if they aren’t “out of the oven” fresh I don’t want much to do with them and I do all I can to keep them fresh.

I LOVE to COOK! My husband has always called me COOKY when I’m a whirling around the kitchen. Most nights I am a bit of a dervish, putting something quick on the table between homemaking, working, managing our home and our boys.

And lastly, well I’ll be honest, I’m a little CŌŌKY; you know dorky and corny… and I’m okay with that!

Growing Up

I have always loved cooking and baking and my mother (a fantastic cook herself) encouraged me and my three brothers in the kitchen.

On weekends you could frequently find us baking a pie (ask my brothers about the time I mistook salt for sugar in my dough – yuck!), whipping up a batch of cookies or brownies or just helping my mom plan and shop for meals.

Dinner and cocktail parties were hip back in the 60’s and 70’s when I grew up, (back when the earth’s crust was cooling) and I remember my mom putting on beautiful spreads for family and friends.

I love that she modeled for me the lovely art of hospitality; welcoming people into our home, putting them at ease and serving something simple and scrumptious.


My husband, Brad and I have been married 20 years (read about how cinnamon rolls almost stopped our engagement!), we met later in life and didn’t waste any time starting a family.

By the fall of 2003 we had two precious boys. Our boys are now 19 and 17 — 19 months apart, but two grades apart.

They fight a lot and are mean to each other, but I know that they love each other, deep down, really deep, like core of the earth deep — nevertheless they can turn on the charm when we invite people into our home.

I love that they have learned how to make people feel welcome; take their coats, and offer them a drink, and gather their plates from the table. Occasionally they will even engage in conversation beyond grunting!

Picture of my beautiful family, our youngest was not happy about mandatory family pictures! HA! Circa 2016

I’ve always loved being in the kitchen, it’s my happy place. It is truly therapeutic for me and I cannot quite explain it. I love making meals and treats that are wholesome and  nutritious, mostly organic, sometimes sinful, interesting and practical for the everyday.

My kids are occasionally picky eaters, however; I only cook one meal for dinner, and everyone tries it. I don’t worry about the variety of what they eat as much as the quality.

The reality is that they will devour cucumbers, broccoli, green beans, tomatoes and carrots by the bushel, so a sweet treat or non-balanced meal on occasion is okay!

I am just like you!

I buy frozen meals to fill in the holes when I’m just too busy to cook, I’ve made my family mac n’ cheese (from a box) with biscuits (canned) and called it dinner (hey, I put out some honey butter for the biscuits and I’m sure I sliced a cucumber).

I am a regular, every day normal (and occasionally hormonal) mom, not a super mom.

I get cranky, snap at my kids, my husband and our dog. I need to ask for forgiveness….A LOT! My housekeeper should be fired (oh, that’s me), though my boys do clean the house on the weekends, which I highly recommend.

I am a messy cook and baker (ask my mom). What I’m trying to say is, I’m not perfect, I don’t pretend to be and I hope you won’t either.

I love my morning time, spending time in God’s Word and praying while the house is quiet.

I go to sleep early and get up before dawn, I try and cook a hot breakfast every morning (it’s still the most important meal of the day, right?).

I make school lunch every day and while I don’t enjoy making lunches all the time, I do enjoy the fact that they are eating healthy and whole foods and they still want to take them to school!

I’m an avid picture taker and digital scrapbooker. My girl’s weekends usually consist of a local hotel or mountain retreat and scrapbooking (and eating) the weekend away.

I love walking; alone, with friends, with my husband or my boys. People open up on walks, I call it walking therapy, I have always loved being outdoors, I have never been a fan of the gym (obviously). Our family loves to ski (with one rebel boarder amongst us) and someday we hope to make our home near a resort.

I am learning more and more how to politely say no, even to the good things.

Marriage Mission Statement

Our mission statement is, “We want our home to be a place of refuge, comfort and safety; that all who come into our home would always feel welcome and make themselves at home, and never leave hungry.”

But most importantly, I love Jesus – I am not perfect at loving Him, but I love that His grace and mercies are new every morning and I try and extend the same to others all around me.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope that a little of my joy and love of hospitality will leak into your life as well.